Review of the Monster Vault Under Bed Safe

Ever hear about Monster safes? Well, we are going to change tat. Monster is a high quality brand and product with a 7 year warranty. The best part is that they are one of the only safe companies still proudly MADE IN THE USA!

Product Review and Information

This black powder coated under bed safe has a double wall design rolled steel design. The front is a 12 gauge plate welded in front of the 16 gauge drawer for a total thickness of .16 inch (over 1/8th inch thick). The thickness of the top and bottom is 11 gauge (about 1/8 inch thick) and the thickness of the sides is 7 gauge (over 1/8 inch).

Inside there is a felt liner made out of polypropylene, which is similar to the material in a car trunk liner. The drawer can hold up to 100lbs of capacity.

The safe is not rated as fireproof and Monster has looked into adding a fireproof layer. However, they have not added it at this time. Monster stated “We looked carefully at adding an insulation layer to the MonsterVault to provide fire protection. In the end, the experts we consulted recommended against it. The reasoning was because our product lies on the floor, it is the coolest place in a fire. Secondly, the mattress sitting on top of our product will be by law, non-flammable and a very good insulator against reflected heat off the walls or ceiling. This was compelling enough for us to design our product without insulation. Two things we learned in this process that I like to pass on to customers looking for a fire safe. First, if you are planning to protect documents, I was advised that a document safe is the only way to go. A general purpose safe with items like firearms can have the effect of damaging or destroying paper items in high heat because of interactions with gunpowder, oil or other accelerants. Second, if you are storing any paper (cash, documents) and want them to be fire safe in anything but a document safe, the paper should be in a fireproof, waterproof bag. “

The safe is not waterproof either in full immersion of water. However, regular moisture in a bedroom environment should be just fine.

There is an inside light, however, the keypad does not light up. This is due to Monster wanting the batteries to be able to work when you need them. The reason to have a under bed safe is quick, easy access in an emergency and Monster wants the lights to work for years instead of a few weeks.


What is the weight of the safe?

The weight of the safe is 140lbs.

What is the capacity of the safe?

The maximum weight of the drawer is 100lbs. The total area of cubic feet is 3 cubic feet of storage.

What are the dimensions or specifications?  

  • Exterior: 7” high x 28” deep x 48” wide
  • Interior: 5” high x 26” deep x 44.75” wide
  • Top of the drawer to the floor is 6.5″ .

Does the safe need batteries?

Yes, the safe needs 4 AA alkaline batteries.

How long does the battery last and does it beep when the battery is low?  

Thee batteries should last about 3-4 years with average indoor use. There is a light indicator on the keypad.

Is there a key back up? 

Yes, two barrel-style keys are provided with serial numbers in case they are lost in the future.

How many digits for the code?  

You create a code of a minimum of 3 plus A or B and up to a maximum of 8 plus A or B.

Is there a warranty? 

Yes, it is warranted for 7 years against defects.

Is it fireproof? 

No, the safe is not fireproof.

Is it waterproof? 

No, the electronics would be affected negatively by immersion in water.

Does it come assembled? 

Yes, just install the batteries (not included) and load it up.

Can it be hung from the top?  

Yes, the safe can be hung by drilling mounting holes and hanging with the appropriate hardware.

How do I mount it? 

3/8″ mounting holes are provided in the four corners. A universal vehicle mounting kit is available.

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