Why You Should Own a Gun Safe?

Why own a gun safe?

A gun safe is an important addition not just for general safety but piece of mind especially if you own guns.

Owning a gun safe comes with many benefits, including:

  • Keeping your weapon our of reach from children
  • Keeping your weapon out of hands of intruders or criminals
  • Protecting your weapon from fire or other disasters
  • Keeping your weapon from being stolen by criminals

Does a Gun Owner Need to Own a Gun Safe?

Owning a gun safe is a critical thing to be a responsible gun owner. Leaving firearms around unprotected is just plain dumb and irresponsible as a gun owner. After you purchase a weapon, it’s up to the owner to be responsible with that weapon including proper training on how to use the weapon and proper storage and care of the weapon.

In some states of the USA and countries, you are legally required to own a gun safe if you own a gun. Therefore, this article will emphasize why do you need a safe to own a gun to be a responsible gun owner.

Responsible gun owners should not allow access to guns except to other trained and responsible gun owners.

Protect Children and Teenagers

Your first priority as a parent and a responsible gun owner is to keep the gun out of your child and teen’s reach. There have been reports of children being killed by guns that were not properly stored or killing other people around them accidentally.

Children are naturally curious and want to try things out, so don’t let your family be a statistic.

Kids are constantly playing around the house, and it is only a matter of time before they find such items. You might think a drawer out of reach is safe enough, but think again. Why take the chance?

A gun safe eliminates this risk. 

I strongly advise you to investigate under-bed gun storage or night stand storage for guns stored in the primary bedroom.

Keep Out of the Hands of Thieves and Intruders

There have been reports of burglars breaking into homes and stealing firearms, which they then use in various criminal activities.

If you keep up with the news, you’re probably aware of such incidents. If you own a gun or several guns, you don’t want them to fall into the hands of the wrong people.

So having a gun safe can keep your guns safe, and the safes have multiple layers of protection, such as biometric locks, solid steel construction, and an advanced secure locking system.

And don’t worry about your guns being stolen because these safes are extremely difficult to crack. For maximum protection and concealability, you can even get creative and install a gun vault.

Avoid Getting Sued

Assume there was criminal activity and your gun was involved, which means a lawsuit will almost certainly be filed against you.

Officers will arrive at your door even if you have no idea what happened to your guns or where they were used.

Having a gun safe saves you that trouble because the safe is drilled into the ground or wall and the thief is unlikely to break it; you’ll be safe from any bogus lawsuits.

Even when carrying outside the house, make sure that your guns are locked up.

State or Local Jurisdiction Laws

Many states have passed laws after multiple shootings around the USA. We are working on compiling all of the laws for each state.

However, be aware that many states require all guns to be in a lockable safe and gun owners are responsible if their guns get in the wrong hands.


Does a Gun Safe Need to be Bolted to the Floor?

Yes, bolt a gun safe to the floor in order to avoid an accident or even the death of your loved ones if the safe falls over – large gun safes can weigh thousands of pounds.

Large gun safes are typically very heavy, and can cause a lot of damage. Not only to people, but also your flooring.

Some floors necessitate the use of specialized equipment to secure a gun safe. You can keep your safe in your bedroom closet, garage, or basement, which are all popular places to keep a gun safe.

Do car or truck safes need to be bolted to something?

Yes, for maximum safety, try to attach your car or truck safe to your car or truck.

Does the safe have to have a lock? Would a concealment clock or book without a lock work?

No, use a safe with a lock to ensure weapons stay out of the wrong hands. Although concealment furniture, looks nice, make sure for gun safety that a lock is provided for the book or furniture.


A gun safe is a must for a responsible gun owners to protect themselves from lawsuits or even possible jail time, but all people around them including children.

There are many options for gun safes to keep your weapon locked up and safe.

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